If your grandmother were a fabulous baker . . .

Then my baked goods would speak to your nostalgic memories of sitting at her table, swinging your feet with delight, pausing between bites to sip on whole milk from the cows just outside the window, open, with curtains dancing in the breeze. Granted, neither of my grandmothers lived on a farm, and I totally grew up in the suburbs, but a girl can dream, right?

Much like our imaginary or real grandmothers, I use only all natural, fresh ingredients, no aritifical sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. Why preserve a cake with chemicals when it likely won’t last past your midnight cravings?

Because my frostings do not use artificial colors and are made with butter, not shortening, they are generally not stiff enough to sustain the ornate piped designs or wild colors that a grocery store bakery can offer, hence the name “The Simple Cake”. But I think the simple, natural deliciousness of these simply decorated cakes more than make up for humble decoration.