There’s Always Hope

Maple Oat Scones with Maple Icing
Maple Oat Scones with Maple Icing

This is a crazy world. A crazy life that we often make only more crazy. We add activities, we work late, we say yes when we should probably say no thank you–we let ourselves so caught up in the tilt-a-whirl of our lives that we sometimes lose focus of everything around us.

Thankfully, there are people who have made it their mission to stop and reach out, offering a hand to those who need a break. The Washington County Suicide Prevention Team does just that. They gather together regularly to discuss how they can best serve those who most need some respite, some space, some peace.

These Maple Oat Scones with Maple Icing are a treat for those who treat others. Ordered for a Wednesday morning meeting of the Suicide Prevention Team, these scones were baked fresh that morning and sport the joyful, positive message around which their mission is centered: Hope Rocks! And it does, doesn’t it? Maintaining hope amidst dubious circumstances does indeed rock!

Still warm, tender on the inside, crisp on the outside, sweet without being too sweet, these scones were sent to lift the spirits of the people who lift the spirits of others. My favorite story post-meeting? A lovely vegan woman so loved these that she took an extra home with her, even knowing they are not vegan. That’s high praise!

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