There’s just something about cake . . .

Spiced pumpkin cakes cooling on the counter.
Spiced pumpkin cakes cooling on the counter.

Sure, cupcakes are great, but can we be done with that fad now? They’re top-heavy with frosting, threatening to topple at any moment, awkward and inelegant to bite into (frosting on your nose is so not sexy), improbably perfect and often overdecorated, and frankly, a bit selfish. Each person grabs their own and generally, one does not share.

Cakes on the other hand, are all about sharing. They are about coming together, they make an occasion out of an ordinary meal, and no celebration can ever be complete without a lovely cake in the place of honor on a sideboard or dining table. They are, in fact, a promise of happiness.

And while any cake is a good thing, a cake that was made specially for an event, with all natural ingredients, no artifical colors, flavors, preservatives or other multisyllabic mysteries is truly a lovely thing unto itself. It is our shared culture of memory, of family, of friendship, and of good times.

Cakes are my passion but to be fair, I love all baking. A day set aside for the sole purpose of music, open windows in the kitchen, and the time and space to creatively work in the service of the enjoyment and delight of others, is one of the finest pleasures life can offer.


2 thoughts on “There’s just something about cake . . .

  1. I certainly agree with your assessment on cakes. But they have another surprising advantage! I once had a very disagreeable neighbor. When I had about my fill of her, and was ready to go give her a “come to Jesus” talk, I was distracted. Then I found myself engaged in making a cake and decided to make two of them. When they were ready, I decided to take one across the street and give it to her! I did; she was shocked but receptive and happened to have company that evening. From then on, she decided we were very nice people and now loves us a lot! Be careful to whom you give cakes!


  2. Ahhhhhh…..cake. What is a cake???? Well, it sure as heck isn’t that sticky-sweet, over-shortenened stuff they sell in the grocery stores! However, because I don’t have the patience, skill and instinct to bake the way my friend Kris does, my boys grew up thinking Safeway and Betty Crocker box mixes were ‘homemade.’ A sad, but true, confession.

    The marker has changed in recent years, now that I have Kris’ cakes as a super-high baseline from which to compare other claims to cakedom. The word ‘blissful’ just floated into my consciousness….


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